April 6 - 9

Evangelos Assimakopoulos, Liza Zoe, Marcin Dylla

Concert by the Pole guitarist Marcin Dylla

Concert by the Greek guitarist Manolis Vrontinos

Concert for mandolin & guitar by Ana Tejedor and Yannis Sofos

Concert by the flamenco guitarist Christos Tzifakis

Concerts by the First Prize winners of Patras IGF 2011 Guitar Competition Vassilis Thingos and...

...Antonis Lyopiris

Lecture by the Doctor and Composer Thanassis Thritsas

Lecture by the guitar-maker Yannis Paleodimopoulos

Lecture by Evangelos Assimakopoulos

Christos Tzifakis teaching a flamenco guitar class

Marcin Dylla teaching a Master Class

Master Class by Evangelos & Liza

The Jury and the winners of the three Patras IGF Guitar Competitions