April 11 - 14

Liza Zoe, Cobie Mills, John Mills, Evangelos Assimakopoulos

Concert by the English guitarist John Mills

Concert by the Serbian guitarist Vojin Kocić

Lecture by the composer Theodore Antoniou

Concert by the 'Athenaeum Guitar Trio' consisting of Helen Sygouna, Rania Angeletou and Sofia Stringari

Evangelos & Liza teaching a Master Class

John Mills teaching a Master Class

Lecture by John Mills

Lecture by Professor Minos Tyllianakis

Evangelos Assimakopoulos teaching a Master Class

Concert by Yannis Yagourtas

Concert by George Tossikian

Concert by Vassilis Kanellopoulos

First Prize winner Nickolas Ghikas / Category A

First Prize winner Yannis Touris / Category B

First Prize winner Panagiotis Agorastos / Categoty C

The Jury of the Competitions from left to right: V.Kocić, K.Vrellis, J.Mills, C.Mills, Y.Yagourtas