March 30th - April 2nd

Oscar Ghiglia, Liza Zoe, Elena Papandreou, Evangelos Assimakopoulos

Concert by Elena Papandreou at ...

...the packed Concert Hall of Patras Philharmoniki

Marcin Dylla's Concert the next day...

...Another packed Concert Hall

Evangelos & Liza teaching a Master Class

Oscar Ghiglia's Master Class

Elena Papandreou teaching a Master Class

Marcin Dylla teaching a Master Class

Lecture by Evangelos Assimakopoulos

Lecture by musicologist Tassos Kolydas

Concert by Chronis Koutsoubidis

Concert by Vassilis Kanellopoulos

Oscar Ghiglia receives an award for his contribution to the world of classical guitar

The 80-year anniversary of Oscar Ghiglia.

The winners of the competition in Category A

The Category B winners

Winners of Category C with Oscar Ghiglia and Marcin Dylla

The guitar maker Nicholas Ioannou bestows a guitar of his construction to Yorgos Kafentzis - the First Prize winner of Category C

Cheers for a 28th successful Festival in April 2019. Left side: Oscar Ghiglia, Elena Papandreou, Olga Kalogriadou, Tassos Kolydas. Right side: Marcin Dylla, Nicholas Ioannou, Evangelos & Liza