30th International Guitar Festival
Patras, April 7 – 10, 2023

The International Guitar Festival, which will be held again this year in the welcoming halls of the 'Fhilharmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras', is of particular importance to us since it completes the third decade since its inception in 1992.

Under normal circumstances this should have been the 32nd Festival in Patras, but due to the corona virus it was not held for two years (2020 & 2021).

This year we are therefore celebrating the 30th International Guitar Festival!

For this celebration we decided to invite four famous guitarists who have excited the audience of Patras from their previous performances. They are Goran Krivokapić and Danijel Cerović who make up the famous Duo Montenegrin and who will cover the entire Saturday program with their concert performing works for one and two guitars, while Sunday night is dedicated to the multi-awarded Anton Baranov and Vojin Kocić. All four artists do not need special introductions, since their previous participation in Patras both in the concerts and in the Master classes they taught, left excellent impressions.

The series of concerts, however, will be opened on Friday by the talented young guitarists Akis Sipsas and Panos Tzanis, who last year won the two First Prizes at the International Guitar Competition of Patras.

As every year, the last day of the Festival belongs entirely to the three competitions which include all ages and whose committee is mainly guest soloists and guitar teachers who will even teach in Master classes during the four-day Festival.

The winners of the competitions will be awarded important awards and prizes sponsored again this year by the organ maker Nikolas Ioannou and the music store Papagrigoriou - Nakas (panasmusic).

Finally, two interesting lectures will be held during the weekend by Tsambika Karakiza, Informatics Engineer, PhD in Communication Professor-Advisor of EAP seconded to EKPA on the topic "The emotional side of learning," and Professor of Orthopedics and Physiotherapy Haris Matzaroglou on the topic "The severity of soft tissue injuries tissues in guitarists.”

A thirty-year-old institution, the International Guitar Festival in Patras gives students of all ages the opportunity to take part in this celebration of the classical guitar that includes lessons, concerts, master classes, lectures, competitions and is for all participants a source of information, encouragement, training and reflection.

Evangelos & Liza

The Program of the Festival

Friday, April 7

11:00 Evangelos & Liza: Master Class

15:00 Anton Baranov: Master Class

15:00 Special department: Teaching young students

20:30 Panos Tzanis: guitar recital with works by Morel, Dyens, Llobet, Brouwer

21:30 Akis Sipsas: guitar recital with works by Bach, Tansman, Brouwer, Walton

Saturday, April 8

10:00 Evangelos Assimakopoulos: Master Class

15:00 Vojin Kocić: Master Class

15:00 Anton Baranov: Master Class

15:00 Special department: Teaching young students

18:00 Tsampika Karakiza: Lecture on "The emotional side of learning"

20:30 Duo Montenegrin: Concert for 2 guitars with works by Bach, Sor, Piazzolla, de Falla

Sunday, April 9

10:00 Goran Krivokapić: Master Class

10:00 Danijel Cerović: Master Class

15:00 Special department: Teaching young students

18:00 Haris Matzaroglou: Lecture on "Τhe severity of playing related soft tissue injuries among guitar players"

20:30 Vojin Kocić: Guitar recital with works by Bach, Dyens, Britten

21:30 Anton Baranov: Guitar recital with works by Bach, Llobet, Bellinati, Legnani

Monday, April 10

10:00 Liza Zoe: Master Class

10:00 Evangelos Assimakopoulos: Master Class

10:00 Vojin Kocić: Master Class

13:00 Guitar Competition: Category A

14:30 Guitar Competition: Category B

16:30 Guitar Competition: Category C

21:00 Awarding Awards & Diplomas