"The classical guitar in the age of artificial intelligence" 

Thomas Noutsopoulos

Thomas Noutsopoulos is an Associate Professor of Political Theory at the Department of Political Science at the University of Crete. 

He studied political science at Panteion University (Bachelor's degree) and political theory at the University of Sussex in Great Britain (Master of Arts), while he obtained his PhD at the University of Ioannina.

Since 2002, he has been teaching at the Department of Political Science of the University of Crete courses related to the subject of political theory at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His research interests are mainly focused on theories of dialectics and the phenomenon of imperialism. 

Noutsopoulos has written two monographs (Dialectics and values. Problems of analyzing dialectical concepts in the work of Hegel and Marx, 2005 and Value and Politics. The monetary form in Plato, 2011) as well as articles in Greek and foreign scientific journals. He has also translated classic texts relating to the period of imperialism (Keynes, The Economic Consequences of Peace, 2009 and Hobson, Imperialism. A Study, 2013).

 Lecture on "The classical guitar in the age of artificial intelligence"

"The guitar during the 19th century”

Yiannis Efstathopoulos

Yiannis Efstathopoulos is a distinguished guitarist and scholar of Spanish music from the Renaissance to the 20th century. He holds a PhD from the Free University of Brussels, as well as two Master's degrees in classical and early music from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In 2019, he released his first album entitled "Seis Caprichos - Spanish Guitar Music around 1930," which includes works and premieres from Spanish modernism and was released by the Dutch label "Passacaille" records.

He is considered one of the most innovative performers and researchers in Torres style guitars.

He has published his book entitled "The Concert Guitar from 1920 to 1939 - Reviving a Lost Tradition-Performance," in which he approaches, for the first time, issues of performance and performance with period instruments and strings.

He has given seminars and recitals in countries such as England, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Holland and Greece in famous halls such as Palais des Beaux Arts and Flagey in Brussels, Palacio Chigi in Siena, Seu Vella in Lleida , King's College in London, the Theocharaki Foundation in Athens and the Megaro Musikis in Thessaloniki. As a researcher he has lectured at several major universities including Melbourne, Hong Kong, Dublin, Surrey, Granada and Brussels.

His recordings have been broadcast on prominent radio stations such as Spanish National Radio (RTVE), France Musique, Klara (Belgium), Sverige Radio (Sweden), Radio Television Suisse (Switzerland), WFMT-Chicago (USA) ) and the Third Program of Greece. He has collaborated with baroque music ensembles, theater and contemporary music productions such as The New Baroque Times, Scherzi Musicali, Balkan Express, Omicron Ensemble, Lira Orfeo Miquel Llobet and famous soloists such as Carles Trepat, Javier Mas and Mario Mas.

He has been mentored by leading guitarists such as Elena Papandreou, Thanos Mitsalas, Antigoni Goni, Oscar Ghiglia, Carles Trepat and lutenists Xavier Diaz-Latorre, Nicolas Achten and Dirk De Hertogh.

He obtained the Soloist Diploma from the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and the Diploma in guitar specialization from the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, both with a grade of "Excellent". He also holds a Degree in Harmony and Counterpoint with "Excellent" from the Municipal Conservatory of Drama. He further expanded his skills by taking lessons from renowned performers such as Rolf Lislevand on lute, Gerardo Nunez on flamenco guitar, and Sergio and Odair Assad, Zoran Dukic, Sharon Isbin, Margarita Escarpa, Marcin Dylla in the classical style, as well as with Rafael Andia in Paris.

As a guitar teacher, Yiannis has taught at, among others, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (as assistant to Antigone Goni), where he also taught History

Updated Execution, Bruges State Conservatory and Cervantes Institute of Brussels. Since 2022, he has been teaching guitar and ensembles at the Department of Music Studies at the University of Ioannina in Greece.

Lecture on "The guitar during the 19th century”